Personal Shopper

A personal stylist and personal shopper is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous! Our image consultants provide an exclusive personal shopping experience by assisting you with individualized attention and service. Retail associates can be overwhelming and work on commission based salaries. They tend to push the latest trends and higher priced garments in order to meet their monthly quotas.

My Image Expert’s image consultants identify with your lifestyle and can help pull together an entire wardrobe based on your needs, style, budget, personality, career, and social activities. All of our image consultants are familiar with local stores, boutiques, shopping malls, and specialty brands. Our experts know what clothing brands and designer collections are available to consumers in their respective area.   Based on your personal profile, our image consultants will select the stores best suited for you regarding style and fit. We organize everything.  For an efficient, successful shopping experience all you need to do is show up!

Instead of turning your wardrobe into a retail store or buying expensive items you may only wear once, our personal shopper will select garments that can be styled interchangeably with one another. If you have a special event or occasion you need personal shopping for, then let us create an outfit that will flatter you in all the right places!  If finding sizes to fit you properly is a never-ending challenge due to height or proportions, then we can simply make the clothing for you!  We carry an extensive clothing line that is custom made in our New York showroom.  

Shopping is an art that combines both style and functionality. Our goal is to shop for garments that can match interchangeably with one another to maximize your investment and image. We believe that buying 7 pieces can result in 10-12 different outfits. Our mission is to show you how!

Your image consultant will help you develop a customized style that will accentuate your best physical features and help refine areas which are not as flattering to enhance your overall image!  Shopping with one of our personal shoppers is a learning experience. Not only will you try on outfits that will transform your entire body, but you will also acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance your image. Let us make your personal shopping experience a day to remember!  Our person shopping experience includes the following:
  • Body structure analysis
  • Skin tone analysis
  • Color analysis
  • Personal style guide
  • What colors look the best on you
  • What top styles and necklines are most flattering for your figure
  • What pants will flatter your bottom figure
  • How to accentuate your best physical qualities
  • How to refine specific areas of the body
  • When and when not to belt garments
  • How to accessorize
  • What shoes will flatter your legs and outfits
  • How to coordinate outfits
  • How to change the overall  look of an outfit
  • What brands accommodate your body structure
  • How to maximize your clothing investments
  • How to be stylish without going overboard
  • How to buy timeless pieces
  • How to accent outfits
  • How to maneuver the stores to find the best styles right for you
  • How to find the perfect outfit for a special event or occasion
  • Photograph catalog of all outfits purchased (additional costs apply)
My Image Expert provides you with the knowledge you need to feel comfortable making clothing selections that are right for you. Our image consultants and personal shoppers teach you how to maintain your image and provide the skills you’ll need to shop and make future selections on your own!  Our image experts give you the confidence to know what to wear and what not wear!

With My Image Experts personal shopping experience you learn a lot of information regarding styling, accessorizing, and coordinating outfits. If you choose to have us make a personal catalogue, we bring a camera along to photograph all of the outfits you purchase. This eventually will be put into a style guide that acts as your fashion look book. A style guide is a great tool to manage your wardrobe and remember how to coordinate each outfit.   When you purchase other garments with one of our personal shoppers, we simply add the item into your look book so you know what else you can wear with that item. You’ll never be left wondering what to wear and what not to wear: It’s all right there in your style guide!